Culture, sports and leisure

Clubs and associations

Danes enjoy belonging to clubs and associations. And the citizens of Odder are no exception. 

The Odder area is characterised by a wealth of clubs and societies within almost every field of interest. From poultry breeding, folk dancing and philately to bridge and role play.
In all, there are about 220 active clubs and societies. For children there are cubs and scouts and a youth corps, and there is a wide range of evening classes.
Information about the individual clubs and societies is available at

Even though Odder is a relatively small municipality, we have fostered many well-known sportsmen and ’women. In recent years, this has especially been true for handball, where one of the most outstanding players is the Danish team’s playmaker Thomas Mogensen. However, the rower Juliane Elander and the badminton player Jonas Rasmussen have also stood out. All tree participated in the Olympic Games.


The library in Odder stocks a large number of books. However, there is much more to the library than that.

The library organises numerous projects, events, exhibitions and shows for children.

Odder Library is set up for wireless access – simply use your laptop.
A wireless network provides access to the Library’s complement of electronic resources – for example articles appearing in Danish newspapers. It’s easy, convenient, and free.

Address and opening hours:

Cultural activities

It might sound slightly over the top, but the Municipality of Odder can, without feeling bashful, claim to have a rich cultural life. One which continues to flourish.

Rich cultural life
It applies to all areas – take music, for example:

Odder’s municipal music school is large and very active. It also has a large spin-off effect. Among other things, the school has given birth to several local bands, including the ‘military’ band Odder Garden.

Odder’s music association ensures a varied (but mostly classical) concert programme each season. Most concerts take place at Odder Gymnasium, where the main hall serves as an ideal venue.

Odder’s cinema is called Biffen, and is run as an association by volunteers.

Odder was one of the first towns in the region to have its own cinema, and it is now more than a 100 years since the first film was screened. However, Biffen is a top-modern cinema offering a wealth of cultural activities, including several film clubs.

Theatre is also a vibrant element in the town’s cultural life. The theatrical society Odderegnens Teaterforening brings large performances to the town, and the amateur theatrical group Odder Amatør Scene is not shy of staging large shows. Out in the countryside, the tradition of organising an amateur theatrical performance each year in the local village hall lives on, in addition to many performances at the schools.

Odder Library is an active player on the local cultural scene, organising everything from readings and talks by authors to workshops and children’s theatre.

A couple of art associations organise several exhibitions each year, with further exhibitions at local galleries. Pakhuset, which neighbours Odder railway station, has been converted into a busy cultural centre.

Pakhuset’s café is run by residents from Åhusene, assisted housing for disabled adults. Pakhuset also houses Frivilligcenter Odder, a service centre for the many voluntary, social organisations in the municipality.