Town Council and committees

Odder Town Council has 19 members who elect their own chairman (the mayor). The current mayor is Uffe Jensen.

The town council meets once a month and a new council is elected every four years.

Odder Town Council has the following standing committees:

Economy Committee
Chairman: Lone Jakobi Sørensen

Committee of Education and Culture
Chairman: Mariann Winther

Technical Committee
Chairman: Kresten Bjerre

Social Committee
Chairman: Finn Thranum

Services and goals

The following lists most of the services that the municipality of Odder offers as well as the political goals set by Odder Town Council. One central aim is to maintain a high level of service for the citizens.

  • Daycare
    The town council wishes to provide daycare for all children in the district. The goal is to give parents the opportunity to choose when and how they want their children looked after.

  • Schools
    The town council wishes to keep all 9 schools in the district and to maintain the free choice of school. The total amount of pupils is approximately 2000 and a class has an average of 16,8 pupils.

  • Care of older people
    The town council wishes to provide sufficient care for older people by supplying apartments with proper facilities and by engaging them in various activities.
    The care of older people is concentrated around 6 local centres which consist of apartments in and around the centres.
    An elected board of 5 members advises the town council on matters concerning older people.

  • Disabled people
    It is the goal of the town council to supply sufficient care for disabled people so that they are able to stay in their own homes as long as possible. 
    Other services include home care and delivery of food. 

  • Mentally disabled people
    Mentally disabled people can choose to live either in their own homes or in a shared complex with other mentally disabled. Both scenarios offer support from carers and staff.

  • Unemployment
    The goal is to activate people on welfare and thereby enable them to earn their own money. 

  • Retirement
    Every citizen over 65 is entitled to a pension in relation to his or her previous income.

  • Protected jobs
    People who have a reduced work capacity should have the possibility to stay on the job market.

    Pre-time Retirement:
    Pre-time Pension: All 18-65 year old citizens with permanently reduced work capacity can get a pension.
    Half-time Pension: 60-65 year old citizens who only want to work half-time can get a half-retirement pension.

  • Economic support to parents
    The municipality offers absence payment to parents who wish to stay at home and look after their children themselves.

  • Leisure and culture
    The town council has decided to participate in the creation of a wide variety of culture and leisure activities and also to support the tourist and business industries.  Visit Odder 

  • Rubbish disposal
    The municipality has one dump and I/S RENO collects the rubbish once a week.

  • Maintenance of outdoor areas
    The municipality is responsible for all outdoor areas. This means roads, plazas, parking spaces, sport centres, beaches, forests, parks and all the areas around the town hall. 

  • Emergency services
    The local emergency services are responsible for the district emergency plan which includes the fire station, toxic waste, a disaster plan, fire technical help and maintenance of vehicles for the disabled.

  • Environment and food control 
    The municipality uses MLK Østjylland as consultant in environmental issues.  MLK Østjylland controls all places that handle food throughout the district.

  • Plan for the environment
    The municipality put forward 'a Plan for the Environment 1997-2001' to ensure that the goals of an environmentally friendly community are realised.

  • Planning
    The 'Planning Department' is responsible for the development of the district in terms of streets, roads and traffic.

  • Water
  • It is the goal of the district council to ensure an uninterrrupted supply of water.

  • Heating
    The district council plans that the distribution of heat will expand in proportion to the development of the town. 
    Already heat is distributed from a central district heating system to larger towns around Odder. 

  • National register (Folkeregisteret)
    The National Register works as a personal identification system which supplies information about the citizen. It is also used for identification at elections and for medical treatment.

  • Budget
    The town council must agree on an annual budget no later than 15. October before the upcoming fiscal year.