Facts about Odder District

Facts about Odder District

  • 22,810 people live in the municipality.
  • About 11,000 live in Odder.
  • The municipality generates approximately 8000 jobs - 4500 people commute to work outside the district  – 2000 commute to Odder.
  • The municipality covers 225 km2 of land 
  • 2200 summer cottages are situated at the coast.  

The municipality as a business

  • 600 employees (1400 on full time)
  • Core activities: Care for the older people, childcare and schools (1000 employees)
  • Employees at the town hall: 140  
  • Contract management
  • Performance based management
  • Service-oriented
  • Marketing
  • Efficiency and productivity

 Areas of development

  • Make Odder attractive for newcomers 
  • Attract manufacturing industries
  • Commerce and service
  • Education, leisure time and culture
  • Tourism

For Tourists

If you are visiting the area and want more information about tourism destinations and the many activities that the Lakelands have to offer, you can find information here: visitodder.com