Families and children


Childminding is available in the Municipality of Odder for children aged 0-3. Approx. 475 children are taken care of under a childminding scheme. The child starts kindergarten at age 3.

Focal points of the childminding system

  • childminders
  • childminding office

The Municipality of Odder employs a total of around 135 childminders throughout the municipality.
The children are looked after in small groups of four children in a safe environment, where emphasis is placed on the needs and development of the individual child. Each childminder can also accommodate one extra guest child.
The municipality has a number of childminding offers where two childminders work together to look after a group of 8-9 children.
The childminding office is responsible for the educational supervision of the childminders and for the administration of the municipal childminding scheme.


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